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Softball Competition Development Certification

Softball Competition Development Certification Working with Softball Alberta, Rhonda was able to use her Take the Lead support to attain a Competition Development Certification in order to meet the requirements to coach female athletes at the Canada Summer Games in the sport of softball. In order to move into this level of certification, it required... View Article

Accessible and Inclusive Rhythmic Gymnastics

Accessible and Inclusive Rhythmic Gymnastics The Edmonton Rhythmic Gymnastics Club’s Inclusive and Accessible Recreational Rhythmic Gymnastics program was designed to provide free classes for girls with intersected barriers to participate in physical activities. The classes provided an opportunity for a fun activity that combines creativity and musical expression with physical activity. The basic techniques of… View Article

Women in Officiating Weekend (WOW) – Volleyball Alberta

Women in Officiating Weekend (WOW) - Volleyball Alberta Volleyball Alberta used their Take the Lead to support the Women in Officiating Weekend (WOW) from April 5-7, 2024. This event brought together 42 women referees from across the province to officiate 191 games for 63 teams (approximately 756 athletes)!  Highlights of the event included: Hearing 13U... View Article

Learn to Ride

Learn to Ride The Canadian Eventing Development Foundation (CEDF) offered a Learn to Ride program for girls, teens and women in the foothills west of Calgary in the winter/spring of 2024. Through a partnership with Alborak Stables, CEF was able to offer this program with a reduced registration fee to decrease the financial barrier of... View Article

Adaptive Snowsports Program – CADS Calgary

Adaptive Snowsports Program - CADS Calgary Canadian Adaptive Snowsports Association Calgary (CADS Calgary) provides opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in alpine snowsports in a community-based environment at Winsport with trained instructors. This year InMotion Network provided support for 16-63 year old women who attend the program. This includes individuals with spinal cord injury,... View Article

Safe Haven – Life Skills Program

Save Haven – Life Skills Program At Taber Safe Haven, the Life Skills Program addresses barriers to participation in physical activity for those accessing Safe Haven due to domestic violence and homelessness. During their stay as Safe Haven, opportunities are offered to create positive habits and new learning. This project supported Safe Haven to purchase… View Article

Empowering Cochrane Women through Sport

Empowering Cochrane Women through Sport - Sport 4 Life Cochrane Through this project, Sport 4 Life Cochrane set out to provide: Education - Continue to offer a Women & Leadership workshop series which is open to those in leadership roles or those looking to gain skills to take on leadership roles in sport and physical activity... View Article

Banff Trail Community Association – Power Up Girls

Banff Trail Community Association - Power Up Girls Through Banff Trail Community Association's collaboration with Girls in Sports Alberta, a free 2-day program for girls was offered in the summer of 2023. In total, 42 girls were able to try out different sports using various equipment. For many of the girls, this was their first... View Article

Breast Friends Dragon Boating

Breast Friends Dragon Boating Breast cancer is a scary and life-altering diagnosis that 1 in 8 women in Canada will experience (Canadian Cancer Society). The changes that impact your body following cancer are profound and lifelong. Breast Friends accepts women of all shapes, sizes, and abilities and trains to compete in Dragon Boat Festivals in Alberta, Canada,... View Article

Alberta Whitewater Association Coaching Project Spring 2023

Alberta Whitewater Association Coaching Project Spring 2023 The Alberta Whitewater Association received a Take the Lead grant from the InMotion Network in the spring/summer of 2023. This project provided support for two women to develop their leadership through Swiftwater Rescue training. This training further supported the roles of the two coaches, Kate and Angela, in... View Article

Edson Tumblers Gymnastics Club

Edson Tumblers Gymnastics Club - Coaching Project 2022-2023 The Edson Tumblers Gymnastics Club received the Take the Lead grant from the InMotion Network in the Spring of 2022. With the help of the Take the Lead grant, the Edson Tumblers Gymnastics Club was able to:   Fully certify three coaches, allowing the club to continue... View Article

Acces Girls Soccer – South Edmonton

ACCES Girls Soccer - Spring 2023 The Alberta Chinese Cultural Society received Girls In Motion funding to support the development of their girls soccer program. The funding was used to leverage local partnerships and coaching fees for the program to help bring more girls out to the program which has more boys participating. In the... View Article

Swim Against the Stream

Swim Against the Stream The Alberta Chinese Cultural Education Society (ACCES) offered the Swim Against the Stream program for women in the winter/spring of 2023. This project was in response to community need and their mission to eliminate barriers to accessing recreational sports for low-income families. Swimming Against the Stream is a successful program with... View Article

Grow Kids – Strong Confident Beautiful – Red Deer

Red Deer Grow Kids – Strong Confident Beautiful This year’s event was the 20th anniversary and the first one in person in over 3 years! The committee has updated the name of the event to Grow Kids – Strong Confident Beautiful (formerly know as Red Deer Go Girl) to be more inclusive of all the… View Article

Danse Poussette

Danse Poussette The Danse Poussette program offered by L’Association La Girandole d’Edmonton in the spring of 2022 provided an opportunity for mothers with babies to attend a low cost, low commitment active program in their community with their children in strollers. The outdoor program was ideal to provide socialization opportunities for moms and babies while connecting… View Article

Connecting Girls Through Sport – Edmonton Ski Club

Connecting Girls Through Sport – Edmonton Ski Club Edmonton Ski Club hosted two InMotion events during the 2022/23 winter season. A 6 week 2 hour snowboarding program for girls ages 7-15 and the second a collaborative day camp held in partnership with Girls In Sport Alberta. Both events advertised and worked with the Action for… View Article

Karate Alberta Officials Certification

Karate Alberta Officials Certification This Take the Lead project supported 5 female Karate Alberta officials to take the certification requirements to upskill and improve their certification level (nationally or continental). These new level / newly experienced officials are now better equipped to lead officials in Alberta and help better train the next generation behind them... View Article

Go Girl Chestermere 2023

Go Girl Chestermere 2023 The March 17, 2023, the Chestermere Regional Community Association (CRCA) hosted the Chestermere Go Girl event. This successful event was attended by 140 girls aged 9-14 years who participated in the all-day activities. This community event had many partners including the InMotion Network, the event organizing committee, Macaroni Kid, Synergy, Camp... View Article

Try it Triathlon – Triathlon Alberta

Try it Triathlon This Makadiff funded project was a partnership with InMotion Network and Alberta Triathlon. Over the 2022 year we worked together to try to reduce the barriers for participation for girls and women in the sport of Triathlon. This included financial barriers, access barriers, skill development barriers and facility access barriers. Girl's Program... View Article

Central Alberta Lacrosse – Try it Nights

Central Alberta Lacrosse - Try It Nights In an effort to increase participation in their girls program, Central Alberta Lacrosse held a series of Try It Nights in the Red Deer area in January of 2023. The organization is working to increase girls participation and were able to use the support from InMotion to host... View Article

SAGE – Zumba Gold

SAGE Seniors Association - Zumba Gold Sage Seniors Association has been a long term partner of the InMotion Network. The Zumba Gold program continues to be extremally popular with the community at Sage. This also include a hybrid model of in person and online when participants were unable to attend in person during the pandemic.... View Article

Calgary Canoe Club – Coach Mentoring

Calgary Canoe Club – Coach Mentoring This Take the Lead initiative supported Calgary Canoe Club and coach Ornmadee Baxter-Lovo to increase their coaching experience through a coaching mentorship opportunity. In the fall of 2022, Ornmadee attended a 2-week paddling clinic with world champion coach, Imre Kemecsey. InMotion Network was excited to support Ornmadee and Calgary… View Article

Action for Healthy Communities – After School Soccer Program for Newcomer Girls in Edmonton

Action for Healthy Communities – After School Soccer Program for Newcomer Girls in Edmonton Action for Health Communities is a dynamic, community-based agency that serves people of all ages and backgrounds, including families, children, youth, adults and seniors. They are proud to serve and build community connections with: Newcomers to Alberta and Canada, including immigrants,… View Article

Wheelchair Sports Alberta – Coaching Supports

Wheelchair Sports Alberta - Coaching Supports This Take the Lead project through Wheelchair Sports Alberta was to support a coach to have access to the equipment modifications needed to coach Para Ice Hockey on the ice. Geneva Coulter had been coaching from the bench for the past 4 years and needed modifications to a para... View Article

Paralympic Sports Association – Women’s Para Ice Hockey Coaching

Paralympic Sports Association - Women's Para Ice Hockey Coaching Through the Take the Lead contribution program and the Paralympic Sports Association, Tara Chisholm was able to participate in the High Performance 1 Certification from Hockey Canada. This intensive course includes a week long in person course with additional work to be completed over a year... View Article

Sweetgrass Fitness

Sweetgrass Fitness Through the spring and summer, InMotion supported the Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre to offer physical activity, fitness and recreation to over 400 participants! The Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre (EASC), through the Sweetgrass Fitness program offers a range of weekly indoor and outdoor physical activities to choose from for low or no cost. Staff and... View Article

Allez les filles! Red Deer

Allez les filles! Red Deer On October 20, 2022, 50 teen girls from the Red Deer area attended Allez les filles at the Collicutt Centre in Red Deer. The fédération du sport francophone de l’Alberta held the event in partnership with the local francophone schools and teachers. The event included a variety of activities taught… View Article

Go Girl Sturgeon County

Go Girl Sturgeon County Sturgeon Go Girl was held in June 2022 at the Edmonton Garrison Fitness Centre for 61 girls ages 9 – 17. The day provided a variety of physical activities, sports, educational and community connections throughout the event, with one of the goals to provide a variety of new activities for the… View Article

Go Girl Carnival

Go Girl Carnival Kids Up Front Calgary hosted a Go Girl Carnival in August 2022 in partnership with Green Fools Theatre. This program targeted girls ages 6-12 years old, as an opportunity to try learning a new skill in a location they might not have access to due to financial or transportation barriers. The girls... View Article

iskwêwak Circle Project at maskêkosak kiskinomâtowikamik

iskwêwak Circle Project at maskêkosak kiskinomâtowikamik The iskwêwak circle was designed for young women at MK school on Enoch Cree Nation from Grade 10-12. This alternative PE 10 program focused on student voice, leadership opportunities through a variety of physical activities, meeting Indigenous leaders in the community, and connecting with Elders. This project was supported... View Article

Learn to Twirl

Learn to Twirl This Learn to Twirl program was hosted in north west Edmonton by the Alberta Baton Twirling Association in 2021-2022 to reduce financial barriers to participation for girls ages 5-14. The program was free and offered opportunities for the participants to attend performances, clinics and parades in their area. In addition, some participants… View Article

Girls on the Move Medicine Hat

Girls on the Move Medicine Hat With the help of the InMotion Network, Ever Active Schools & Be Fit For Life, a partnership with FAME (Females in Action Moving & Empowering) and the City of Medicine Hat we were able to offer the Girls on the Move Program to twenty girls aged seven and up… View Article

Calgary Dino’s Volleyball Club

2022 - 2023 Season - Coach Development for Women Being awarded the Take the Lead Grant allowed 21 female coaches from the Dino Women's Volleyball Club to pursue coach development in the 2022-2023 season. These coaches participated in NCCP training, Volleyball Canada training and the AVCA Conference which brings together the top volleyball coaches in... View Article