What is Go Girl?
  • Go Girl is a one-day (or sometimes multi day) "try it" event that provides girls and young teens with the opportunity to experience a variety of physical activities and sports in a relaxed, friendly, and fun atmosphere.
  • Go Girl events are a great way to introduce girls to a community's recreation and sport resources. Girls can engage in a number of activities, then obtain information about how to further participate after the one-day event.

The Go Girl program provides the opportunity to apply for a contribution of up to $2500 for Alberta not-for-profit and charitable organizations to run a Go Girl event in their respective communities. Not-for-profit and charitable organizations are encouraged to apply for support to increase movement opportunities for individuals who have been, and continue to be, excluded from our sporting, recreation, and physical activity systems due to interrelated factors such as race, gender, income, (dis)ability, religion, and language.

Important Notes:

  • All of InMotion Network's contribution programs are funded through AGLC gaming proceeds.
  • All Go Girl applications must be submitted through an Alberta based not-for-profit organization or charity in good standing.
  • Organizations are can only apply once per intake, eligible for a maximum of $5000 per calendar year. 
Group picture of teen girls wearing yellow hats
Group of girls in fitness room lifting kettlebells
Why Go Girl?

Among girls who have participated in sport, there is a dramatic dropout rate observed with 1 in 3 girls leaving sport by late adolescence. By comparison, the dropout rate for teenage boys (aged 16-18) is only 1 in 10. Sport participation rates for Canadian girls decline steadily from childhood to adolescence with as many as 62% of girls not playing sport at all. (Rally Report, 2020)

InMotion Network strives to create a positive and fun environment to address the unique needs of your community.  This program can help to relieve some of the barriers to active participation such as accessibility, quality programs, and quality coaches and leaders.

The Go Girl Program has made an impact in the lives of thousands of girls in the province of Alberta. Watch below to see the impact of Go Girl in the community of Chestermere.