What is Women in Motion?
  • Women in Motion are community-based and directed programs that provide opportunities to learn new skills, have positive social interactions and have fun participating in physical activity. 
  • Women in Motion programs are run and organized by the applying not-for-profit or charity and are tailored to fit the needs of the community they are serving. 
  • Women in Motion programs are run as an ongoing program over a series of days, weeks or months. Please note that we are unable to support 1-2 day wellness events/conferences with this program. See examples of past projects below.
  • The Women in Motion program is not intended to support training or coaching fees for individual athletes.
  • Program Goals and Objectives
  • How are Applications Evaluated?

The Women in Motion Program program provides the opportunity to apply for a contribution of up to $2500 for Alberta not-for-profit and charitable organizations to run high-quality recreational, sport/physical activity programs specifically for women 18+ in Alberta. Not-for-profit and charitable organizations are encouraged to apply for support to increase movement opportunities for individuals who have been, and continue to be, excluded from our sporting, recreation, and physical activity systems due to interrelated factors such as race, gender, income, (dis)ability, religion, and language.

Important Notes:

  • All of InMotion Network's contribution programs are funded through AGLC gaming proceeds.
  • All Women in Motion applications must be submitted through an Alberta based not-for-profit organization or charity in good standing
  • Organizations are can only apply once per intake, eligible for a maximum of $5000 per calendar year.
Three Women stretching forward during a yoga class
Fitness Class
Zumba instructor leading seniors in activity.
Stroller Danse
Why Women in Motion?

Successful Women in Motion Programs

  • Ultimate Frisbee Summer League - addressing financial barriers to participation for women participating with a focus on new participants.
  • Older Adult Fitness Classes - addressing financial barriers to participation and opportunities for social interactions for older adult women to participate in physical activity opportunities. This has included in person and online classes.
  • Dance Classes - a variety of learn to dance opportunities including learn to Pow wow have been offered through community partnerships.
  • Follow this link to Get Inspired and learn about past Women in Motion Projects!