Women in Motion (480 × 240 px)

Recreational, sport/physical activity programs specifically for women 18+ in Alberta

Girls In Motion (480 × 240 px)

Recreational, sport/physical activity programs specifically for girls 6-17 in Alberta

Go Girl (480 × 240 px)

"Try it" event that provides girls with the opportunity to experience a variety of physical activities and sports

Take the Lead (480 x 240)

Provides support for Albertan girls and women to become experienced leaders in sport and recreation

The InMotion Network's physical activity and leadership contribution programs offer support to organizations that encourage girls and women (in all their diversity) to get active and be leaders in sport and physical activity.

Through this program we strive to:

  • Facilitate high quality active opportunities in communities that address barriers to participation.
  • Support programs that have sustainable goals through partnerships with local community resources.
  • Work with stakeholders and partners from local and provincial organizations and businesses.
  • Support local leaders, coaches and officials with the training they need to improve their skills and their capacity to run programs and physical activity opportunities.

InMotion Network may provide funding, training and/or resources to support increase movement opportunities for individuals who have been, and continue to be, excluded from our sporting, recreation, and physical activity systems due to interrelated factors such as race, gender, income, (dis)ability, religion, and language.

All of InMotion Network's contribution programs are funded through AGLC gaming proceeds. All applications must be submitted through an Alberta not-for-profit organization or charity in good standing. 

Intake Deadlines for Applicants

Women in Motion, Girls in Motion, Go Girl Programs

  • December 1st for programs running between January and May
  • April 1st for programs running between June and December

Take the Lead Program 

  • October 31 for opportunities between January and May
  • April 30 for opportunities between June and December