Women in Motion - Funding Opportunities

The Women In Motion Program provides contributions of up to $2500 for Alberta not-for-profit and charitable organizations to run high-quality recreational, sport/physical activity programs specifically for women 18+ in Alberta. Not-for-profit and charitable organizations are encouraged to apply to address the needs of inactive women and those women who are unable to access activity programs due to limitations of income, location, culture, family, perceived ability etc.

IMPORTANT NOTES (updated 2024)

  • Applications are accepted in two intakes per year, if your application is submitted outside of these times it will not be reviewed until the next intake deadline.
  • There has been a large increase in requests in 2024, this has resulted in more competition and InMotion has asked some groups to decrease their ask.
  • In order to be successful please ensure you are focusing on barriers to participation for those who have been excluded from sport, physical activity and recreation.  

Intake Deadline for Applicants

  • December 1st for programs running between January and May
  • April 1st for programs running between June and December

Your organization may be eligible for Women In Motion funding if it is:

  • An Alberta not for profit or charity in good standing
  • Working in partnership to host a series of opportunities for women to participate in sport and/or physical activity
  • Are addressing barriers to participation for women to be physically active
  • You have reviewed and considered the Goals and Objectives of this program
Women In Motion Forms

Complete the form below including the Memorandum of Agreement as part of the application.

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  • In order to receive support from InMotion Network you must be a Not For Profit Organization or Charity in good standing. If you selected NOT a Not for Profit or Charity in good standing you will be ineligible.
  • If InMotion contributes to your project and you are a AGLC Licensed Group, the contribution will go through the organizations Casino Account and your approved used of proceeds. Questions? Email info@Inmotionetwork.org