Community-based "girl friendly" programs offer regular opportunities to learn new skills while having fun.  Funding for training or coaching fees for individual athletes will not be considered.

Why Girls in Motion

Females underestimate and undervalue their capacity to be physically active beginning at an early age. As a result, a girl's competency in physical activity constantly falls behind her male peers. Girls may also select only activities that are traditionally female, or worse, be turned off physical activity altogether.



To provide recreational and sport physical activity programs specifically for girls

To encourage girls to participate in these and other recreational, sport/physical activities

To facilitate the effective delivery of quality physical activity opportunities for girls in safe/positive environment


  • Ensure all participants are treated with respect, honesty and trust
  • Recognize and accept individual needs and circumstances
  • Display enthusiasm and offer positive and accepting encouragement
  • Be flexible and adaptive
  • Employ positive behaviour management strategies
  • Work toward continuous personal improvement in leadership and program delivery

Delivery Agencies

  • Hire leaders with appropriate credentials and security clearance
  • Monitor, encourage and support ongoing development of staff and volunteers
  • Ensure clear and on-going communication with leaders, participants and their care-givers
  • Ensure all participants are able to access and complete the program regardless of their age, ability, cultural background or financial status
  • Evaluate programs in terms of consistency and alignments with listed values, principles and objectives and make adjustments where necessary


  • Consideration given to safe routes for reaching the facility
  • Safe and accessible entrances and change facilities
  • Equipped with age, size and ability-appropriate equipment
  • Caring and stimulating
  • Considerate of personal space and special needs