Through the SPAR Donation-Matching Campaign, the Government of Alberta is using donation-matching funding to create an environment where Alberta’s non-profit sector thrives. Alberta’s sport, physical activity and recreation programs provide many essential services on which Albertans rely for their physical, emotional and mental health while contributing to their quality of life.

Up to $350,000, donation-matching funds are being made available for this Donation-Matching Campaign from April 1st, 2022 to December 31, 2022. The donation-matching funding builds on donor support of sector programs. Albertan can assist in renewing sector programs across the province.

Support the InMotion Network to provide more opportunities for people who identify as girls and women to be involved in sport, physical activity and recreation through the Donation program below.


Your generous contribution will enable us to keep investing in girls and women.100% of donations go directly to supporting girls and women gain access to physical activity and sport in Alberta.

-"Without the InMotion Network funding our event would not be possible. We are now impacting over 774 Grade 5 girls this year so we rely on this funding to continue this event in our community." - Red Deer Be Fit For Life Centre

"It truly makes a difference for the senior women we serve to be able to attend free of charge and their involvement in the program has may lasting benefits for their overall health and wellness." - Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton