June 8, 2022 10:02 am

"For the past 29 years, the Dino Women's Volleyball Club has been a leader in the Calgary community by providing young female athletes with exceptional female role models as coaches and mentors. We currently have 72 athletes enrolled in our club program with 23 female coaches leading those groups. In addition, we have close to 75 younger athletes (ages 5-13 years) enrolled in our Dinomites Program with 5 female coaches taking the lead. Annually we have new coaches joining our program who we guide through coaching development, as well as committed veteran coaches who continue to work towards completing advanced coaching courses. The support of the In Motion network allows us to remove financial barriers that our coaches would otherwise face and ensure that we are providing our young athletes with inspiring mentors who are also invested in their coaching education. It is our goal to maintain a program that provides a holistic approach to training and coaches have a significant impact on the motivation, happiness and longevity of our athletes. One of the most impactful results of our program is having athletes return as coaches to give back; out of 24 female coaches 22 are past athletes. We are grateful for the support that In Motion provides so that we can continue to develop the leaders of tomorrow."