February 22, 2023 3:04 pm

SAGE Seniors Association - Zumba Gold

Sage Seniors Association has been a long term partner of the InMotion Network. The Zumba Gold program continues to be extremally popular with the community at Sage. This also include a hybrid model of in person and online when participants were unable to attend in person during the pandemic.

Zumba Gold has become a valued point of social connection as well as physical fitness for participants. Several participants have gone on to join other Sage programs, including the Seniors Line Dancing class - another low-impact physical and social activity targeted to older women in the Life Enrichment Program.

Sage prioritizes creating welcoming and inclusive environments. The structure of Zumba Gold was designed to be as accessible as possible:

  • The certified instructor teaches Zumba Gold methods; Zumba Gold is a senior-friendly and low-impact version of Zumba that can be easily adapted to meet all physical levels and abilities.
  • The instructor provides visual demonstrations that ensure participants who do not speak English are able to understand and participate without language barriers.
  • Participants can phone in to the online class and are welcome to turn their cameras off.
  • The sessions are offered at no cost to minimize any barriers to attendance.