October 26, 2022 1:13 pm

Sweetgrass Fitness

Through the spring and summer, InMotion supported the Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre to offer physical activity, fitness and recreation to over 400 participants! The Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre (EASC), through the Sweetgrass Fitness program offers a range of weekly indoor and outdoor physical activities to choose from for low or no cost. Staff and Volunteers attended for support, guidance, and to ensure the safety of participants. In additional transportation was provided for all of the activities. This unique program is always planning for all to participate and all activities planned and scheduled always consider age and physical abilities into account. In-house activities such as yoga were accessible by offering chair yoga, and modifications to poses for those who needed either more of a challenge or less.

Although the EASC is an Indigenous Centre, they welcome and include anyone who expresses interest in participation. For instance, they have had several new Canadians who like to come to the program because the programs are close to their homes and the programming meets their needs. EASC works to ensure everyone is included and when planning events and activities,  the accessibility of the space/venues is considered to ensure that the activity will not only be inclusive but also safe for the participants.

Women with pink shirt ready to shoot a bow and arrow at an outdoor archery range.