**This grant is now CLOSED**
**Final Reporting - Due December 3, 2023 Click Here for FINAL REPORT FORM**


Safe Sport Support Program - Safe & Welcoming Support Grant

InMotion Network is collaborating with the Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Branch to offer the Safe & Welcoming Support Grant. This one-time grant, up to a maximum of $20,000 per organization will be provided to support operational and programming expenses to strengthen policies and programs with an emphasis of creating safe and welcoming sport, physical activity and recreation environments.

Maximum Request: up to $20,000

Purpose: The Safe & Welcoming Support Grant is intended to provide provincial sport and recreation organizations with funding to advance activities that aim to make organizations and/or programs safe, accessible, equitable and diverse.

Eligibility: Organizations must be an operating grant recipient through the Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Branch’s Association Development Program or the Physical Activity and Recreation Operating Grant program.

Application Evaluation: Funding amounts are limited and related to the applicant in conjunction with the quality of the support material. Application does not guarantee funding, and requests may be reviewed based on: viability, capacity, project scope and target audience.

Eligible Projects: To be eligible all projects must align with one or more of the following themes: Mental Health, Safe Sport, Equity Diversity and Inclusion, Women and Girls. Details regarding themes below or in the FAQs.


Key Timelines

Application Deadline:
Sept 18/22

Project End Date:
Oct 15/23

Final Report Due:
Dec 3/23



Mental Health

Policy development, implementation of organizational
support mechanisms.

Safe Sport

Policy realignment/development, to integrate the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport and implementation support mechanisms.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Strengthen policies; develop strategies and programming to increase equity, diversity and inclusion.

Women and Girls

Developing strategies and programming to increase leadership opportunities and support mechanisms.

Eligible Expenses:

  • Contract, facilitation services, presenter and/or instructor;
  • Facility rental costs;
  • Build human resource capacity (program staff, coaches, volunteers) including training to
    meet changing needs;
  • Knowledge transfer costs and supports to members, or member organizations and/or sector;
  • Integration of UCCMS into policies and procedures;
  • Policy development, implementation and organizational support mechanisms.

Ineligible Expenses:

  • Ongoing operational costs not specifically associated with project outcomes;
  • Hospitality and gifting;
  • Expenses incurred before September 1, 2022;
  • In-kind transactions, donated services and recoupable expenses will not be recognized;
  • Costs associated for the sole purpose of a Sport Tourism activity only including the hosting or staging of a tournament or competitions;
  • Travel costs associated with facilitation services, presenter and/ or instructors from out of province.

Reporting Requirements

All reporting will be submitted via an online form by December 1, 2023. Recipients will be required to provide information in the following categories:

  • Project outcomes, including project impact to organization;
  • Expected and actual outcomes;
  • Key partnerships;
  • Knowledge transfer resources;
  • Participation numbers;
  • Financial summary;
  • Picture/Video if applicable;
  • Budget summary, including revenue and expenses.

All recipients will also be required to grant InMotion Network and the Government of Alberta permission to share all the aforementioned information on organizational webpages and social media in order to promote peer-to-peer learning and share community and sector successes.

Community of Learning

In order to support the SPAR community beyond this grant opportunity and to ensure dialogue continues beyond each individual learning session, we will also be creating a community of learning. This community of learning is optional and will provide an opportunity for grant recipients to learn from colleagues and engage in critical conversations that allow for discussions about successes and challenges related to equity, diversity and inclusion. If you are interested in joining our community of learning, please click here for more information.

Complementary Education Sessions

To complement work being done through the Safe & Welcoming Support Grant, InMotion Network will be hosting a variety of sessions in 2022-2023 around the 4 above topic themes. All sessions will be free of charge and open to the sport sector as well as any member or partner organizations that wishes to participate.  If there is a specific topic or area that you would like to learn more about please email info@inmotionetwork.org. We will do our best to support learning opportunities based on these suggestions as they related to the themes of the Safe Sport Support Program - Safe & Welcoming Grant.  All sessions will be posted on our Learning Opportunities Page as they become available.