Canadian Women and Sport offers a variety of opportunities to support the advancement of gender equity in communities:
Adult Workshops

Each three hour session blends theory with practical applications and provides an opportunity for women working or volunteering in the sport or active living communities, recreation field or school system to share experiences, reflect on ideas and apply specific techniques. The sessions also allow for networking opportunities among participants.

Session Description
  • Practice effective self-introductions
  • Discuss passive, aggressive and assertive communication styles
  • Practice using assertive communication in sports-related scenarios
  • Identify sources of conflict
  • Learn tips for successful problem solving
  • Identify the best approach for a number of scenarios
  • Discuss how to be a successful advocate
  • Identify the factors that influence decision makers
  • Suggest ways to make meaningful change in sport
  • Explore the need for balance in your life
  • Examine 10 key solutions to help you find and maintain balance
  • Share hot tips and success stories
  • Explore the value of personal and professional networks
  • Identify strategies to build and maintain your network
  • Rehearse networking scenarios
Youth Workshop
Unleash your Leadership Potential: A workshop for young women

This interactive workshop combines theory and interactive exercises. It caters to 15-20 year olds who are involved in sport, recreation and physical activity as athletes, coaches, volunteers and hope to continue to contribute to sport in their future career or through volunteer activities. This workshop can be delivered in a two-hour or three-hour format. With sport and physical activity as a backdrop, the session covers the range of leadership skills and attributes that will assist young leaders to take on roles as planners and decision makers during their school years and beyond. The session is fast paced, hands-on and provides an opportunity for participants to:

  • identify activities in their home community where they can develop their leadership skills
  • discuss effective and ineffective communication patterns
  • review the importance of a strong introduction
  • learn 5 steps to increase their leadership skills
  • create a personal leadership plan

To find out more about the Canadian Women & Sports's Women and Leadership Program and to book a facilitator, please contact our office at or call at (780) 644-5613.