What makes a quality physical activity or sport program? 

The InMotion Network recognizes that organizations applying to host Go Girl, Girls in Motion and Women in Motion programs will be at varying stages of their program development. This page provides information on the goals and objectives of Go Girl, Girls in Motion, and Women in Motion programs. Please use this information as you grow and develop your program. Additionally this information can be used in your application to help ensure you meet the requirements for InMotion Network support. 

For more information on training and learning opportunities for leaders that might enhance your programming and are offered in Alberta view the Physical Literacy Instructor Program (PLIP). This comprehensive training program is focused on how to design, develop, and deliver physical literacy-focused recreation and sport programs across the lifespan. The Sport for Life Society, Coaching Association of Canada, and HIGH FIVE® have come together to support recreation leaders, coaches, and instructors in becoming recognized Physical Literacy Instructors through a blended eLearning and in-person training experience.

SPARC Alberta Sport Training Matrix


Program Goal

Promote and support healthy, active opportunities for girls and women in Alberta


Program Objectives
  • Provide girls and women with a low cost, community based activity in a supervised recreational setting
  • Provide opportunities for girls and women to actively engage in a variety of indoor and outdoor physical activities of choice, including both individual and team sports, physical activity and recreational opportunities
  • Provide participants with essential information to pursue activities of their choice in their community
  • Meet needs of girls and women of different ability levels, ages and cultural backgrounds
  • Ensure a fun, inviting and positive environment with opportunities for girls and women to socialize and meet other girls and women
  • Provide communities with the support and resources to host events and programs that meet the needs of their communities
  • Encourage recipient communities to establish a local network and programs to ensure ongoing support of physical activity
  • Facilitate the delivery of quality physical activity opportunities for girls and women in safe and positive environments
  • Encourage positive role modeling, mentoring and leadership opportunities.
Expected Outcomes

Girls and women will have:

  • Fostered a desire to participate in lifelong physical activity
  • Experienced physical literacy development
  • Received contact information on how to further pursue physical activities in their community
  • An opportunity to receive additional information on health and wellness topics based on the needs and expertise of the community and supporting partners
  • Provided input on physical activity preferences to be shared with community programmers and facility operators to help develop future opportunities in the community
  • Gained new friendships through social interaction


Program Leaders will:

  • Ensure all participants are treated with respect
  • Recognize and accept individual needs and circumstances
  • Display enthusiasm and offer positive and accepting encouragement
  • Be flexible and adaptive and employ positive behaviour management strategies
  • Work toward continuous personal improvement in leadership and program delivery


Program Providers will:

  • Hire female leaders with appropriate credentials and security clearance
  • Monitor, encourage and support ongoing development of staff and volunteers
  • Ensure all participants are able to access and complete the program regardless of their age, ability, cultural background or financial status
  • Evaluate programs in terms of consistency and alignments with listed values, principles and objectives and make adjustments where necessary


Program Environments:

  • Inclusive and positive environment
  • Consideration given to safe and accessible transportation to access venue
  • Safe and accessible entrances and change facilities
  • Equipped with age, size and ability-appropriate equipment
  • Considerate of personal space and individual needs

For more information on supporting training for your program leaders contact info@inmotionetwork.org