Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund

The Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund, promotes and fosters healthy school communities through a comprehensive school health approach that enhances the health of Alberta children and youth. Visit their website or more information and to get involved.

Active Healthy Kids Canada

All Canadian children and youth need access to quality physical activity programs in order to value, participate in, and make a lifelong commitment to active healthy living. For more information, visit the Active Healthy Kids Canada website.

Always Active

Always Active! Moms, Babies, and Families is an activity guide for prenatal and postnatal mothers, their babies, and families. It was developed to help families be active throughout life. The guide also includes special information about pregnancy.

CAAWS' Mothers in Motion

Mothers in Motion aims to get new Moms back into a physical activity routine or to get them active for the first time after giving birth. It also focuses on helping women to eat smart and get their families moving! Mothers can learn how to incorporate physical activities into daily life, what type of activities encourage families to be active together, as well as how to feed the growing, athletic teenager who may be eating them out of house and home! Visit the Mothers in Motion website.

CCAA Coach Mentor Program for Female Graduating Students - Athletes

The Canadian Colleges Athletic Association (CCAA) has launched its new Female Coach Mentor Program. The Female Coach Mentor Program for graduated student-athlete coaches will target potential coaches in the ranks of graduating student-athletes and developing new coaching positions to attract these women. The CCAA is promoting that one member of each women's sport program's coaching staff be female. Incentives will be offered to institutions that offer CCAA graduating student-athletes coach positions on their coaching staff within the CCAA sports of soccer, volleyball, basketball and badminton. For more details on this program visit their website.

Canada's Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Active Living

Research indicated that Canadians were unaware that physical inactivity is a serious risk factor for premature death, chronic disease and disability, a magnitude of risk comparable to that of smoking. The Guide provides a rainbow of physical activities that can help you have more energy, move more easily, and get stronger. For more information, visit the Health Canada website.

Coaching Association of Canada

The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) has published a collection articles called the Canadian Journal of Women in Coaching. Introduced in 2000, the Canadian Journal for Women in Coaching provides timely, accurate, targeted information to aid in creating a healthier and more positive environment for women coaches – in Canada and around the world.


Social and economic barriers prevent some young people from participating in organized sport. Provincial and territorial sport federations have created KidSport to help overcome these obstacles. KidSport identifies needs in the community, raises funds, and supports programs that allow young people to participate in sport. For more information, visit KidSport Alberta.

On The Move

On the Move is a national initiative designed to increase opportunities for inactive girls and young women (ages 9-18) to participate and lead in sport and physical activity. OTM is an innovative programming concept that advocates for female-only, participant-driven, community-specific programs, and questions traditional models of service delivery. OTM is also a national network of professionals involved in female-only programming, and individuals and organizations concerned with the health and well-being of girls and young women. The network is a resource for information about the importance of increasing girls' and young women's participation, and shares program successes and challenges. For more information, visit the On the Move Handbook.

Physical Activity and Heart Disease and Stroke

Being physically active in the years before menopause considerably reduces a woman's risk of heart disease and stroke - and, say the experts, the earlier you start, the better. For more information, visit the Heart and Stroke Foundation website.


PlaySport is a website for recreation providers, physical activity promoters and educators designed to help kids, ages 6 to 12, develop an understanding and competency of the skills and strategies associated with playing sports. PlaySport features a variety of fun and adaptable activities designed to teach kids games by playing games. The PlaySport activities are available for you to download and print-out for free on online.

Raise money for Dove's Self-Esteem Fund

Send a web link to family and friends, and you can help raise money for the National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC). Dove has launched its Self-Esteem Fund to support a range of projects designed to develop and maintain healthy self-esteem for girls and women. The Fund was launched with an advertisement calling for a redefinition of beauty and a strengthening of girls' self-esteem. Visit the website to find out more information.

Sport Canada Policy on Women in Sport

Sport Canada is a branch of the International and Intergovernmental Affairs Sector within the federal Department of Canadian Heritage. Sport Canada supports the achievement of high performance excellence and the development of the Canadian sport system to strengthen the unique contribution that sport makes to Canadian identity, culture and society. For more information about Women in Sport, visit the Sport Canada website.

Physical activity for children and youth

Caring for Kids is a site for parents from Canada's paediatricians.
They provide information about children's and teen's health and wellbeing.


United States Environmental Protection Agency

Advancing environmental justice and protecting children's health is a driving force in EPAs decisions across all programs. The underlying principles for this commitment are reducing exposures for those at greatest risk and ensuring that environmental justice and children's health protection are integral to all Agency activities. For more information, visit EPA.