InMotion Network wishes to thank and acknowledge the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Canadian Red Cross for their assistance and financial support in the development of these videos, the curriculum for the videos presented and the dedicated Health & Wellness page on the InMotion  Network website.

Mature Yoga
Mature Yoga 1

Mature Yoga 2

Mature Yoga 3

Mature Yoga 4

Mature Yoga 5

Youth Yoga
Youth Yoga 1

Youth Yoga 2

Youth Yoga 3

Youth Yoga 4

Youth Yoga 5

Leadership Workshops
Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3

Workshop 4

Workshop 5

Workshop 6

Fundamentals of Movement
Intro and Landings

Skill 2: Statics

Skill 3: Springs

Skill 4: Locomotion

Skill 5: Rotations

Bonus Skill: Object Manipulation

Physical Literacy: Monika Schloder