InMotion offers a number of programs aimed at encouraging girls, teens and women to get active. The long term goal of InMotion Network is to facilitate high quality programs in communities: programs that continue to run on the resources available in each community. This goal will be reached through partnerships with local and provincial organizations and businesses that will be able to donate facilities, equipment and nutritious snacks. InMotion Network provides local leaders with the training they need to improve their skills and their capacity to run programs. We provide contributions of up to $2500 for each of our programs.

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Use of Funding: InMotion Network's three Physical Activity funding programs are funded through AGLC gaming proceeds. All funds acquired through gaming must be used in accordance with AGLC policies. The heart of the policy is that all funds must be used on items that are essential to hosting a Go Girl, Girls in Motion, or Women in Motion program. AGLC has determined that all funds raised through gaming endeavours must be used to support not-for-profit organizations in Alberta and as such InMotion Network is not permitted to fund any level of government. Gaming Funds to support the three physical activity projects submitted through schools, towns, municipalities, etc. must flow through local not for profit groups.

Items INELIGIBLE for funding include:

  • "items of a personal, social, or promotional nature"
  • "equipment or supplies used in support of a commercial operation"
  • "wages - payment for administrative duties"

Frequently requested items we cannot fund include:

  • T-shirts
  • Water bottles
  • Volunteer appreciation
  • Wages for staff

Deadlines for Funding

  • December 1st for programs running between January and April
  • April 1st for programs running between May and August
  • August 1st for programs running between September and December